I am a passionate American, mother of four and wife, a coal miner's daughter, a small business owner, and a involved member of my Western Colorado community. Like many of you, I'm also someone who wants to help fix the problems that seem to be hurting our country and world right now.

These are complex problems. But that is all the more reason why — as we develop solutions — we should return to the simple, clear, and powerful principles that our country was built upon.

I hope you'll join me in engaging our communities in straightforward dialogue about faith, family, and founding principles. Receive updates, blog post, and call to actions, subscribe today.

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Bobbie Daniel was born into a sixth generation Colorado pioneer family and grew up in the small agricultural community of Palisade, Colorado.

From an early age, Bobbie was involved in helping those around her. When she was only ten, she worked with her mother at the Pregnancy Center and helped out at her Step mother’s salon doing laundry and cleaning brushes. She served as a lifeguard as a teenager, and taught swimming lessons to young children. In high school Bobbie held a number of leadership positions, from Student Council to co-captain of her swim team and club volleyball teams. 

Bobbie's freshman year at Mesa State College she worked her way to the National Dean's List while scooping ice cream at Baskin Robins and waiting tables. As a freshman in college, Bobbie was accepted into AmeriCorps and spent a year serving her community and country. She served in programs ranging from a Habitat for Humanity Blitz Build (20 homes in one week) in Lubbock, Texas, to an outreach program for educating children in one of the most poverty-stricken areas of Denver about health and safety. In addition, Bobbie and her teammates renovated a 200,000 sq ft. warehouse in Colorado Springs to be used as a Youth Outreach Center and built an outdoor classroom for public schools in Elk City, Oklahoma.


“I was the lucky one to serve in such a giving way to others for a year out my young life. I knew my purpose and it was meaningful, it mattered to someone, and it made a difference. I loved every minute of helping others and by doing so it help me.”



Bobbie eventually felt called to start her own business with a family trade and she opened a salon in her early twenties. She was sought after by Coloradans for her professional skills — but also for her listening skills and her natural ability to care for them. Bobbie built a reputation as a good listener, a problem solver, and someone who could be trusted.

After more than a decade of listening to hundreds of clients she found common threads and concerns, why did so many people in one way or another feel like they had less and less control over their own lives? Why had so many problems not been fixed, year after year, election after election?

As she heard the voices of Coloradans from every walk of life, she was moved to seek solutions for the most vulnerable among us. She sat down at her kitchen table to write her book, “Solutions From a Nobody”.

That was only the beginning of the journey, she took the values she was raised with, the founding principles that she has learned, and the faith that grounds her to work within her community to advocate for solutions within spheres of public policy at the local, state and even national level.

“My journey has lead me to the core foundations of faith, family and founding principles which sadly have become hidden truths that nobody wants to talk about, in a world that is desperately hungry for it.”



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