Q & A with a non-Trump supporter days before Trump was elected President 

Thanks for reaching out. I love history and believe it shows us human nature does not change therefore we know universal truths. Our founding was based on these self-evident truths and our government was built around protecting those truths.

I will add, "Rise and Fall of the Third Reich" to my reading list, thank you for the suggestion. I take history very seriously and believe it is my duty to study it as much as I can to best serve my country and my calling. I will answer your questions as best as I can.

Q) "The political elites in Washington, (frankly on both sides of the aisle) have done little to help and really much to hurt the average working class/ lower middle class American, from trade policies to Obamacare, these are real tangible issues facing millions that our government should be addressing but has frankly forgotten, so I relate to being upset with them."

A) I'm glad that we can agree that the above is a problem. From where I stand liberal policy is why we have the above problems. I don't believe that we have been "forgotten", on the contrary, I think these policies were enacted for a reason ...to consolidate power to the few and away from the people. From TTP ending American sovereignty, to a 30%+ corporate tax rate, to increasing the progressive tax scale. To the radical environmental agenda dictating policy which adversely affects the free market and often hurting the people it claims to help to social engineering through tax incentives. To guaranteeing insurance companies success by forcing Americans to purchase a product that they may or may not want then fine them when they don't comply which single-handedly destroys the healthcare industry as well as American savings accounts. All these policy issues are progressive failures and widespread mismanagement.

My self-employed family has not had health insurance since Obama started. I will not be forced into buying a product that won't even be there for me when I need it. Instead, we saved our money and bought a house. We have direct primary care, we have a great life insurance policy, we have great car insurance but I refuse to participate in the affordable act scheme. That is my civil disobedience to a regime that I feel has completely taken our country in the wrong direction.

In my opinion, Hillary is the candidate with the widespread government mismanagement experience in this election. Some Americans believe that if we elect the same we will experience the same results. That is why many of us will not be voting for Hillary Clinton. She has been a Political Elitist my entire adult life which I have never felt that she was an authentic, original, and or visionary leader. I have always found her to be all in for the power and lacks even liberal convictions to accomplish public policy. In my opinion, she continues to accomplish one thing really well and that is accumulating wealth via our expense.

The one thing I am thankful for is my belief that Hillary's only drive is power & personal wealth, she does lack original ideas/convictions. Obama on the other hand to me has an amazing drive, strong convictions of his beliefs and a charismatic personality. He is remarkably accomplished in using his presidency to fundamentally change America in the way he saw fit. It just so happens that his anti-colonialism policies and the shaming of our founding principles go against what most Americans value.

Many people feel we are barely surviving a ruling class with a policy that is designed to hurt Americans with its "good intentions". Hillary will continue these policies and continue to transfer power away from the American people. I think true leadership empowers individuals to lead their own lives. We are all adults who value options and choices in our own lives. I see us going down a direction currently that has manipulated, shamed, guilted, and censored us into a position with fewer options and choices, not more.

I can see your opinion that Trump has risen to the top of the primary to capture the Republican nomination based solely on his big personality but for me, it is not the case. For me and many others, it is base on public policy that he has proposed and THAT is what we stand behind.

I believe in not the release of personal responsibility over to the government but instead ownership of individual responsibility. The current liberal rhetoric says "The government knows best because of x y and z. Basically, you can't make such important decisions in your life, so we will do it for you...you're welcome." The actual policy Trump has proposed is to empower the people to make their own choices instead of the all-knowing federal government.

I think the fundamental overhaul that Trump has expressed through his campaign is getting the right people in the right positions for the right reasons of power held with the people and the proper role of government restored not an ideological transformation of America.

Trump paints the picture of a dark economy because it is a dark time for the non-politically connected or in other words, the everyday people. Of course, it could be worse- it ALWAYS can be worse but I'm not going to go to the "misery index". America has been economically held down by our own government through EPA, IRS and Executive Action/Agenda. When it's your savings, your job, your home, your child’s education, your healthcare it's is a dire situation, it is dark. If anyone qualifies as rising to power on vague hopes and promises of fundamental changes then single-handedly using their power to control the economy I think Obama takes the cake.

As a Trump supporter, I do not at all see a one-man show, on the contrary, I see a collaborator. I see a man who has worked with a diverse range of ideas and people to accomplish real needs. His own daughter is a known independent who converted to Judaism like her husband. They often speak of their desire to create a maternity leave and a dependent care policy. I see a man who has picked a stellar principled conservative VP. His nominations for Cabinet Positions & Supreme Court Justices are all competent and constitutional minded to keep government power in its proper place and to strengthen the checks and balances not further erode them.

Q) The Weimar Republic had a Constitution as we do. However, it was rendered obsolete with the passage of the Enabling Act of 1933 which allowed the Chancellor (their Chief Executive) to pass any and all new laws without the involvement of the Reichstag (their legislature). Here (this) is my prediction if Trump is victorious on Tuesday.

A) For the above to happen Hitler first had to convince their legislatures to pass the Enabling Act of 1933 which granted all powers to the Chancellor. First, our Congress are representatives of the people and the people do not want any branch of the government to have more power. I honestly think there is a "no snowball's chance in hell" that will ever take place. NO Republican/Democratic or Unicorn should have that much power. Another check on power we have is the third branch which is the Judicial branch, the Supreme Court. Their one and only job is to make sure that the laws past by Congress and signed by the President are Constitutional. If the Legislature (Congress) passed a law to allow the President (Executive Branch) to hold all the power then the Supreme Court would rightfully declare that unconstitutional. With three branches of government instead of two or even one, this provides an additional check on power. In the Federalist Papers, Madison, Hamilton, and Jay referred to this as a jealous guard over one's own power and each branch will jealously defend their own power. The founders knew human nature naturally jealousy guards ones own power so they brilliantly worked that check on consolidated power into our government. Our government was not made for perfect people to rule, on the contrary, our government was made to last through imperfect people.

Besides at least 70% of the American people think our federal government is too big and has too much power. At least half of Americans think it is a dark time economically and do not trust our government and are unhappy with how things are going. Why would we want to give them more power and keep electing the same people from the same ruling families to keep running it? I think a larger more realistic threat to our county is electing people from the same ruling families and the same political ruling elites.

Q) I contend that Mr. Trump who has shown open contempt for our Constitution would set out to do the same with our government in his first 40 days of becoming President. How do you ask? Through continually escalating irresponsible hate rhetoric, both toward US citizens who oppose him and specifically toward Muslims. He will use his friends in media to create a reality where nothing he does is wrong and all who oppose him are violent thugs and use National Guard, local sympathetic law enforcement agencies and volunteer militias to violently put down any protest against his increasing divisiveness.

A) With your statement above I would ask, what friends in the media do you think he has? It's my opinion Trump has little friends in the media. I think the media is Big Government/Big Money pawn and is playing us like a fiddle currently. I see where you are coming from except I think the current administration/current political elite is pulling the strings, not Trump. It seems to me that we are on to the same manipulation tactics we just have a different viewpoint on who is pulling the strings.

Q) He will seize on the next terrorist attack on US soil as the boon he requires to claim the need for a more expedient system of legislation, namely one directly from the executive branch. Who will oppose such a measure? Surely not the Craven and Cynical Republicans in Congress. While the Paul Ryans of this world won't say his name, they won't risk compromising their political positions by openly opposing him either. Mark my words, this man has no intention of sharing power, and members of the Right will continue to compromise their self-proclaimed values to back the winner. Eventually, once he has no use for those who once chastised him, he will liquidate them not unlike Hitler's "Night of the Long Knives" in the Summer of 1934.

A) I know the above for you is Trump but for me, I can as easily insert Obama into this and it would ring true for many Americans. Above is a great example of how leaders in power use tragedy for exploitation for more power, it happened in my opinion with the Patriot Act and countless times before. The current administration does this EVERY time there is a shooting to further attempts to remove guns, a check on government power, from the people. Having an armed citizenry is our role delegated by the Constitution. Trump is not tested in our political environment, he has a very steep learning curve with it come to politics. We don't know what he has done in his presidency because he hasn't don't it yet. I do know what Hillary will do. I truly hope my best projections of Trump are realized but I also know that people are flawed.

Q) Hitler presented reality as a zero-sum proposition: winners and losers. For every problem in his country, there was someone else to blame."

A) Hillary has been around my entire adult life while completely failing in leadership. I can't even imagine dropping the ball with Benghazi then taking NO ownership over the outcome. You and I know you can't run a football team like that let alone a country. She is the poster child for blaming others in multiple scandals. I'm saddened by the misrepresentation of Conservatives in the media although I'm not surprised by it. This is about principles, empowerment of citizens, options, and choices for the individual. This is about standing up against censorship against big gov/big money. Our public policy is not for sale. I’m not ashamed in vocalizing my values and principles in supporting the only presidential candidate that is actually listening to the American people instead of selling out us out to consolidating power.

I don't feel hapless, I feel empowered in my knowledge of our founding documents. Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness and the truth that we are all created equal as humans. I know that no administrator, human, master or government grants me my rights as they are internal as my heart and God given by my creator. Regardless of a Clinton or Trump, I am not swayed in my truths. It doesn't change no matter who the president is. I do not believe one president can make or break the American people no matter who wins or loses this election. Our country has many checks and balances throughout on a federal and state level.

I will continue to do my best to educate others on their truths, their rights, their power so we can all be better-informed citizens. Auto-pilot democracy bears little fruit for people and we are living with the results of those actions.

I respect you and I thoroughly enjoy discussing ideas. I love learning and hearing what your perspectives are. Regardless of the outcome of this wild election take heart, sometimes we must take a journey through some tough times for a reason. The pendulum swings and change come regardless. We will get through this, we are Americans and human beings above all.