What is at stake in the 2018 Colorado Election

We are under this BIG tent of Republicans because we all deeply believe that our conservative principles do the most good for the most people.

A wise U.S. Congressman, Bob Schaffer simply stated our conservative principles as, a limited government whose purpose is to protect citizen's persons and property, domestically and abroad. Free markets lead to the greatest prosperity for the greatest number of people. The power and importance of the individual. Family is central and essential to the well-being of the nation and it's people. Reality is governed by moral certainties. 

Conservatives aim to elect representation that respects these principles and that they translates into sound public policy for the preservation of a self-governing society. Electing representation for the Colorado State Senate, District 7, is a vital choice Mesa County must make this Saturday, March 17th, 2018. When voting for your representation, consider this. 

For 42 years, Colorado has been lead by a Governor that has been a Democrat with the exception of Republican Gov. Bill Owens.

How is it possible that Colorado has a balanced budget, has averted single-payer health care through legislation, manages to uphold property rights, and on average have a sound economy? The reasons we still have a functioning state despite our Governor’s office largely being held by the left is T.A.B.O.R. (Tax Payers Bill of Rights) and Republican majorities when possible in the General Assembly. Currently Republicans hold a one seat majority in the Senate. 

If the one seat Senate Republican Majority goes away...

  • The House AND the Senate will be controlled by the Democrats.
  • Our Tax Payers Bill of Rights will be the first to go. T.A.B.O.R. will be dismantled- the protections and guardrails we voted for to be apart of our Colorado Constitution will be gone.
  • It will be an uphill battle for Republicans, if we win the Governor’s Office in 2018 to have the House and the Senate then controlled by Democrats.
  • Redistricting (US Congress) and reapportionment (Colorado House and Senate) are on the line for the 2018 elections. If the Democrats win the Gov's mansion they get to do both redistricting and reapportionment. The reality is, the left will reapportion away our Majority in the Colorado Senate if we do not elect a true Conservative. 

 The left is always looking for a way to be in charge of your life. 

When we look just under the surface, the left's end game in our state is to take away Republican Representation in Colorado. We’ll be headed down the road of California-Financially bankrupt, with despotism policies that hurt the very people they claim to help. 

We have deep roots in Colorado.

I am a second generation coal miner’s daughter, born to six generations of Colorado pioneers. I grew up in Meeker, Craig, and Palisade. My husband grew up in Rifle, he comes from a family of firefighters. We are now raising our four children in Fruita. My husband Nick and I are entrepreneurs at heart, chasing our American Dreams and raising our family in this beautiful state we love. The American Dream is all about opportunity, I expressed my frustrations about my family being forced to look for economic opportunity outside of Colorado because our own government’s reckless overreach and Sen. Ray Scott fought for us.

When I told Sen. Scott how everyday Coloradans were losing more and more options and choices in their lives, Ray fought for them.

When I shared with Ray, what an outrageous burden it was to start a business these days, he fought for us. Why is it, that our own government was making it so hard to climb the economic ladder? Why was it such a punishment to succeed in America? Ray fought for us.

Last year Senator Scott asked me to be his Campaign Director. I said yes because...

  • Ray has listened, he understands what is on the line for our family's opportunity to achieve our American Dream. 
  • Ray serves Mesa County, he votes for our interest, not his own.
  • Ray knows the purpose of government is to protect my natural individual rights, not to pass as many bills as possible and or pass bills in violation of those rights.
  • Ray is the hardest working legislator I have ever worked with. Dedicating 8 years to tirelessly defending Mesa County, T.A.B.O.R. and our conservatives principles.
  • Ray consistently updates constituents on bills and important issues that effect us through social media via Twitter, and Facebook. Throughout this legislative session Ray hosts an interactive bi-weekly telephone town hall. Ray listens to us and keeps us informed. 
  • Sen. Scott has earned the respect of his fellow Republicans as the Assistant Majority Leader in the Senate. This is huge for Western Colorado- having representation in a leadership position  that understands water rights, property rights, public lands, access to affordable rural healthcare, failed policies of picking winners and losers in an industry, and understanding what’s at stake when our most vulnerable can’t afford to heat their homes or provide for their families.
  • Ray votes in principle. Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness which are self-evident truths that do not change. Conservatives elect leaders into office who they can count on. Ray stands with us in truth.

Conservatives want Colorado to be the most prosperous and peaceful state in the union. We get there with our principles and policies- we get there with Ray.

If you're a delegate to the Mesa County Assembly, I humbly ask for your vote for Ray Scott. 

Bobbie Daniel- Campaign Director Senator Ray Scott