For more than a decade, during my time as a small business owner, I listened to everyday Americans as they shared their stories of happiness, loss, struggle, and success. Despite tremendous courage and strength, many of these people weren't able to achieve the dream our country has promised — so many of the confusing and nonsenical laws and policies emanating from our politicians seemed to be standing in their way. 

I asked everyone I met: what would help you achieve the American dream? What are the obstacles in your way? And I began to see connections between the things that people told me, ways that we might change our focus — and thereby find solutions to fix our biggest problems. 

I'm no policy expert, and many in Washington would probably consider me a "nobody." But that's fine. The great thing about this country is that "nobodies" like us can research, study, talk to our fellow citizens, and put forward policy proposals that make sense to us. So that's what I've done. 

The result is Solutions from a Nobody, a book of ideas on how to get America back on track. I hope you'll read it, consider its message, and maybe even share some of your own ideas with me. This is really the beginning of a conversation, not the end. Together, we can return our country to greatness.


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Have solutions of your own? 

Many of you have solutions of your own — ideas that come from your own experiences, your own neighbors, your own histories. Let's put our heads together, share our ideas, and make a real difference.